Imagine you opened your home page and found a disgusting sexual reference on it. Surprise! You’ve been hacked! A version of this scenario happened to me this week.

My website was up for review in the Freelance Writers Den during a live video Skype session. When it appeared on the screen, the text at the top left of my home page read, “Psychological Domination.” I was puzzled because I’d just made improvements on my home page prior to the review. When I went there after the session, I saw nothing! It looked pristine. I thought it was some kind of glitch.

But I did some sleuthing. I tried viewing my website in different browsers. And viola! The  text reappeared when I used FireFox and again when I opened my home page from a PC.


And then some. While having “Psychological Domination” at the top of my home page didn’t exactly make my day, what I found on other pages was really sick and sexual in nature. It was enough to make even my most street-smart friends stop in their tracks! And they didn’t even open the links to the porn sites! (Neither did I, but I was told that was the destination.)

If you visited my site and were greeted by the off-color, sexually explicit text, I do apologize. 

All I could think about was how many clients or potential clients might have seen it. And I felt sick. I just wanted to get rid of the problem quickly and keep my site safe from other bot attacks. I went with a Web security company that handled it all. They had all 95 infected files cleaned up and my website socially acceptable within just a few hours!

Since I was blissfully unaware that anything was amiss, I have no idea when I was hacked! I can only hope it hadn’t been long.

Hopefully this will never happen to you. But be aware that your website is likely being bombarded daily by nasty bots. The next day my SiteLock security system revealed it had deflected attacks from the Soviet Union, Brazil, the U.S., Japan and elsewhere.

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